Microscope Dentistry, and Why We Love It at Precision Dental Care

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Ever wonder why our practice is named Precision Dental Care? Well, by its very nature, dentistry is all about precision. We’re working with a very small part of the body, and making very tiny adjustments to make your smile function and look its best. However, there’s another reason this name worked for our practice specifically, and it has to do with Dr. Ochoa’s passion for Microscope Dentistry.

What is Microscope Dentistry?

Microscopic enhanced dentistry (or microdentistry) is a type of dentistry that utilizes the power of magnification to allow dentists like Dr. Ochoa to see teeny tiny details that are simply impossible to pick up with the naked eye. The enlarged 3D image that is produced by the microscope allows Dr. Ochoa to provide her patients with a more thorough diagnosis and precise treatment.

You might think all dentists would be using this technology, but very few actually do. In fact, less than one percent of general dentists use microscopes to perform examinations. Dr. Ochoa has taken the lead in her field with her passion for Microscope Dentistry, and it’s because of her unwavering belief in the power of technology and her commitment to serving her patients at the highest level possible.

Benefits to the Patient

A lot of times, fractures in the teeth and even small cavities are difficult to see with the naked eye. Many dentists use loupes, which are glasses with magnification in the lenses. However, these are not even strong enough to pick up certain dental issues. Microscope Dentistry gives Dr. Ochoa an advantage when it comes to spotting the smallest details, which for our patients can mean the difference between a healthy, happy smile and a future oral health issue.

Another advantage is the ability to project what’s being examined by the microscope onto a large monitor. Not only does this help Dr. Ochoa get a better look, patients can also see exactly what she’s seeing. When she performs a treatment, patients can watch… if they want to. 

Technology and Dentistry

Some dentists believe that the old-fashioned way of taking care of teeth and treating patients is best. The truth is, technology is changing at a rapid pace, and we believe that by embracing this, we can give our patients a better experience in the dental chair and a better quality of life. You can see all of the technology that we’ve invested in — and how it helps our patients — here on our website.

Dr. Ochoa believes that early detection and being proactive is what her patients deserve. With Microscope Dentistry, there’s no need to “wait and see” what’s going to happen. She can prevent painful and expensive situations down the road by addressing them early. 

In addition to Dr. Ochoa’s dedication to Microscope Dentistry, we also are passionate about sleep solutions, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry services for the entire family. If you’ve been looking for an honest dentist who truly has your best interests in mind, we’d love to meet you! Give the Precision Dental Care team a call at (636) 461-2255 or request an appointment right on our website.